The answer to your vapor emission problems (e.g. BTEX, VOC’s, THC ’s ) is here. Devco’s ThermalOxidizer single step approach with no required ancillary equipment (e.g. pumps, separators, or heat exchangers) is your solution. The result is a single safe environmentally friendly vapor effluent. No undesirable hazardous liquid or vapor by-products to dispose.


The Devco Thermal Oxidizer is superior to the condenser/heat exchanger process because:

  • It has NO condensed liquid (a hazardous contaminant that has to be properly disposed).
  • It has NO residual vapor (a hazardous contaminant that has to be properly disposed).
  • There are NO pumps, heat exchangers, and separators to contend with and maintain.

The Devco Thermal Oxidizer is superior to a “flare” system due to:

  • It’s controlled oxidization chamber with:
  • Temperature controller
  • Forced draft burner system
  • Ensures oxidation is 99.0 + % complete
  • It has NO stratified effluent flow. The effluent is thoroughly mixed with the burner combustion products to provide a homogenous mixture.


Optional heat exchanger recovery system is available.


The DevcoThermalOxidizer is easily retrofitted to an existing system within its footprint (e.g. glycol dehydration unit)


The basic Devco ThermalOxidizer includes our standard PLC based BMS . Options are available to provide a customized state-of-the-art BMS to meet any specification (e.g. IRI , NFPA, BASEEFA, and ATEX) and your specific information requirements.


  • Low onsite installation cost.
  • The DevcoThermalOxidizer comes completely assembled with burner, fuel train and BMS .
  • Reassembly at site involves only nuts, bolts, and gaskets. NO onsite welding or special tools are required.
  • Optional skid mounting is available.