The Devco HELIFLO direct fired heater ranges in duty from 0.25 to 100 MMBtu/Hr. It can heat a variety of process media including gas, liquids, and multi-phase fluids. It is available in a horizontal, vertical, and down-fired configuration. The HELIFLO heater provides the following standard features and options:


Options are available to provide the Devco HELIFLO direct-fired heater with state-of-the-art low emission combustion systems to meet today’s environmentally friendly requirements…


Basic Devco HELIFLO direct-fired heaters are designed with 75-85 % net thermal efficiency (NTE) without an economizer.
Options to increase the NTE to 90 % are available.


Light weight ceramic fiber insulation means less shipping and loading weight
Resistance to mechanical and thermal shock.
No warm-up period required. Less cold start-up and cool-down time. Heater can immediately go to high-fire.


The standard automated forced draft burner system has a 10:1 turndown ratio. Options to increase the turndown ratio are available.


Gaseous Fuel
Liquid Fuel ( Distillate to # 6 oil )
Combination gas & oil
Low BTU Fuel supplemented with fuel blending


The basic Devco HELIFLO heater includes our standard PLC burner management system ( BMS ). Options are available to provide a customized state-of-the-art BMS to meet any specification (e.g. IRI , NFPA, BASEEFA, and ATEX) and your specific information requirements.


HELIFLO heaters for heat media transfer applications can be furnished with a complete circulation system including:

ASME Code expansion tank
Circulation loop with by-pass valve
Pump(s) with isolation valves
Low onsite installation cost.
The HELIFLO heater comes completely assembled with burner, fuel train and BMS .
Reassembly at site involves only nuts, bolts, and gaskets. NO onsite welding or special tools are required.